Grey Knight Space Marines Join The Games Workshop Magic Roundabout

Question: When does the sheriff release a new 40k codex?
Answer: Every time I go into a Games Workshop store!

I work within about 20 minutes walk of a GW store, so occasionally I stroll on over there if I have an extended lunch to check it out and generally soak up the nerd aura. Today was such a day. The guy who runs it is great, always very friendly, welcoming and always very enthusiastic. It seems though that I always time my visits to coincide with a new codex release, and as such I always get to feel the hype of the new force first hand. This time, it is yet more Space Marines in the form of the Grey Knights. This is another codex written by Mat Ward, and I got to take a peek. These guys are like uber daemon killing super space marines by the looks of things.

Am I bothered? No. My home grown chapter of space marines are actually grey/silver anyway so would be decent proxies. But I probably wouldn’t play as Grey Knights. The sheriff is simply going to hype the nuts off these guys, try to make us all feel inadequate so we go and invest in the latest power armour force. It’s a cunning sales strategy, but unless Grey Knights are what you’ve really being longing for since you were ten, stick with your current force.

Remember, as Kylie Minogue sang: “It’s better the devil you know”. Unless of course he’s getting his head pounded in by an Inquisitor.