ZombiePirate takes his Dark Eldar for a spin

It’s been a long time since I last got to play some 40k. After selling my Green Tide in order to finance the Dark Eldar I’ve waited most of my adult life for, actually having the models has not propelled me onto the battlefield to use them. We’ve been enjoying many other games in the halls of the floating citadel instead.

So, the scene is set for Servitob telling the tale of his tutoring a new player in the ways of 40k and a second day of schooling was arranged for yesterday. The normal participants were invited and it was at this point that I am faced with the fact that all I actually have assembled are my HQ models and the tests for the Warriors and Wyches. Not quite the 750pts we were looking for. So it was that I perused the 1500pts list I’d made that was guiding my purchases to see what I could eek out. Queue a couple of nights of frenetic model building during what has been a very busy and challenging week.

However, I did manage to put together an army and waltz into the gaming halls with a typical army of little grey plastic men (and women). I’d had to buy a second Raider, which would be needed in my proper force anyway, but otherwise managed to create my army from stuff I already had. This would be the first outing for the Dark Eldar in my hands, my opponent was an 11yr old newcomer with two games under his belt. I have to say though that he performed very well and was a pleasure to game with. His Chaos Space Marines would be fighting me for possession of 4 objectives scattered across a battlefield devoid of a lot of terrain (Servitob set it up and put like two building at either end of the table and a river…. not quite the 25% I’d be wanting to shield my pathetic armour behind).

In my normal fashion we’ll be assessing my army list and how it did. I certainly did not perform flawlessly and Dark Eldar don’t take making mistakes lightly, when the dust settled at the end of turn six I held two objectives to the Chaos one, some well made cover saves and armour saves having protected the one guy left defending the objective from the Chaos side.

The Chaos team was made up of a Daemon Prince and sorcerer, several squads of Marines with Power Fist Champions and a Defiler.

My list was as  follows;

  • Succubus – Agoniser
  • 5 Incubi w/ Raider
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors w/ Splinter Cannon
  • 8 Wyches w/ Raider, Hekatrix w/ Agoniser
  • 6 Reaver Jetbikes w/ 2 Blasters

Archons are a little pricey when geared and therefore I thought I’d take the much cheaper Succubus. Agonisers get around my puny strength and importantly deny armour saves. The Wyches need the Raider to get into combat quickly and then it can go tank hunting. The Kabalites were to provide covering fire while the Reavers either popped tanks with Blasters or joined in combat. The Incubi were there to assault stuff and support the Wyches.

Let’s look at their performance, as I said I was playing a newcomer and therefore got away with more than I should have with the mistakes I made, I still got punished though, staying to the objectives of the battle was really the only thing that won me the game, just goes to show how important staying on mission can be.

Succubus – OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I love this model, equipped with nothing but an Agoniser this is a ridiculously cheap HQ choice. Drop her in a unit of Wyches as well and it really multiplies the potential for pain. Six attacks on the charge at a huge initiative means you’re probably going to kill whatever you’re in base contact with. When I rolled my combat drugs I got re-roll failed to wound, probably the best result for this points level to be honest. She almost single-handedly took down the Daemon Prince, what she left over the Wyches finished off. This HQ is in my 1500pts list and I am really glad she is, this also helps me to realise the potential of a Wych Cult force and my proper list does have a heavy Wych focus. For 85pts it doesn’t get any better than this.

Incubi – Got sent against the wrong target, I should have gone in against a larger squad, instead I sent them into the enemy HQ. They were all in contact with the sorcerer and ripped him apart to get their first pain token but over the course of combat the Power Fist ripped them apart. I think these guys definitely need an Archon to back them up as those extra attacks would have made a mess of the unit too. At this level though I’d have been better off taking another unit of Wyches. Same price and higher survivability due to their Dodge.

Wyches – I love this unit so much. This unit is like a guided missile, I took 8 including a Hekatrix with Agoniser, the Raider gives them their mobility and they back up the Succubus wonderfully. They carved through more then their points worth of stuff and finished the game with 2 pain tokens, although they did get shot due to how fast they were carving through the enemy. The Feel No Pain from killing the Daemon Prince first did save a lot of them though. Not bad at all, they were awesome.

Kabalite Warriors – Due to the distinct lack of terrain it took them a few turns to get into one of the buildings for cover. The slowly whittled down the Marine unit occupying the Chaos objective until at the end of the game there was but 1 chap left. They didn’t get to rapid fire but held an objective so did their job for a small points outlay.

Reavers – Again due to lack of terrain these guys were out in the open at deployment, the Defiler saw them flee turn 1 from shooting but they rallied. I’m not sure about these guys, they helped with killing the Defiler due to their blasters but go shot to pieces (would have been better to turbo-boost them turn two I think rather than plink the Defiler). They got shot to pieces overall but one guy left was instrumental in dropping Chaos Marines with his Blaster denying them that tasty 3+ save they enjoy so much. I need more practice to learn how to use them to the best of their abilities.

Raiders – while primarily used to ferry their charges to combat one got decked pretty quickly the other totalled the Defiler and then started picking off Marines.

Overall I was really impressed with my Dark Eldar and they are a lot of fun to play and really appeal to the way I like to play. They are insanely fast as most things have at least a 20″+ threat range for reaching combat, my opponent was amazed at just how quickly I could get very close to his stuff and tie him up in combat turn 1. If we play at this points level again I think the Incubi would be best switched out for more Wyches and I may have to look into the Reavers, they may work better in bigger games but I’d need something else to deal with armour as otherwise I’d only have the Dark Lances of the Raiders.