I Dream Of Sports…

Ever heard of those stories where people’s dreams come true? Where they mysteriously see the future in the dream and change their life for the better? Most of those stories are made up by desperately unimaginative bored writers of magazines such as Handbag Monthly and Wooly Cardigan Gazette.

Regardless, I did have a dream about the future but I don’t think I’ll be feverishly placing any wagers yet. Superbowl 45, Pittsburgh vs Green Bay. Both teams take the field but do not know they are actually playing rugby league. Problem is, no american has ever heard of the sport, and every play involves a forward pass which results in a turnover. The whole match is just a continual series of turnovers much to the frustration of all the players and fans, who don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Premonition? I doubt it! For you sports fans out there, Superbowl 45 starts at 2330 GMT on Sunday 6th February.


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