6 Inch Move Reviews 2010

Happy New Year from the floating citadel!

One of the features I like about WordPress is that I got an email from them in the new year telling us little things about our blog. I’m not a huge statistician overall but it’s nice to have a little glimpse into what has been recorded about our little corner of the Internets.

So, what happened in 2010?

Well, first off we had around 46,000 views which I am totally shocked by. From our humble beginnings of less than a handful of people stopping by to the 200+ per day we get now, it surprises me that people actually want to read what we write about. I just hope that regular readers actually enjoy what we put up.

We also wrote almost 300 posts, OK, so we only started in August 2009 so a whole twelve months of posting is going to allow us to really push the boat out in terms of the quantity of posts we’re able to make but I think we did some quality stuff in 2010.

The highest number of views in a day topped over 400 when Servitob stirred up a Nerdstorm by having the audacity to compare Firestorm Armada and Full Thrust and then offered a personal opinion that he liked Firestorm better. The furor stirred up by this is still a talking point in the floating citadel.

I hope that we can do more of the same this year, that we can continue to decry and belittle various games and gaming tropes. Call-out developers and publishers who earn our ire and hopefully put our own spin on gaming developments in general. 2011 promises to be an interesting year, hopefully you will join us for it.