WoW Cataclysm – Saddos Already at 85

As the video gaming world cannot fail to notice online juggernaut and destroyer of social skills World of Warcraft has guffed forth another offering to tease and entertain fans of the world’s premiere MMO. After months of anticipation Cataclysm is here and its moniker is certainly well-earned!

Not only has the majority of Azeroth been rewritten but there is now the opportunity to grab another five levels and instantly replace all those epics you’ve spent two years earning and spending gold to enchant and gem! In true-to-form online style there are already saddos that have creamed the content and are sitting pretty at level 85, grabbing server firsts and accolades of dubious worth.

While I am more than aware that people play games for different reasons I cannot fathom why someone would spend the first few hours of an expansion (I heard it took 10 hours for the first 85 to appear) to spaz your way to 85 and then sit there waiting for others to catch up. You can’t have enjoyed the content that is already in place and with not even a day having passed can’t be working through end game content or diving into the first raid. I’m certainly not a hardcore player and therefore perhaps that is the reason that I can’t get my head around it. But just launching yourself into something that is going to last at least a year, if not two and finishing part of it inside of the first day, well, surely you’re missing the point of it all?

I certainly understand the allure of achievements (I found 3 Undead Horses I didn’t have in my stable yesterday reducing me to 7 more needed for my Albino Drake) but come on, grinding your way through the new zones just to hit max level and sitting bored because there is no one else to help out with what is there at that point? I was one of the people who chose the digital download option, I still haven’t sampled any of Cataclysm except for a quick stumble through Twilight Highlands last night before heading to bed. I couldn’t even login when the expansion went live and last night when I got home from work there were over 1500 people in my server’s queue, that rose to almost 2000 in just under two hours! I’ve got a free evening tonight so want to get on and try things out but I am looking at a minimum of an hour to wait in a queue before I can try my hand at the new content. I suppose the good news is that I am getting rest XP and should I get in my Oracles Egg will have hatched and we’ll see what crap I get rather than the Green Proto-Drake I’ve been praying for months for.

My plans are to take this expansion casually, I’ve now gotten myself into a guild and they currently seem like a nice and friendly bunch. This is the first expansion where I am hoping to be able to properly sample the raid content as it comes along, I will not be at the bleeding edge of progression, I can’t spend the time to do that and with a nipper on the way that’s only going to reduce the time I can spend gaming.

I appreciate that others have paid their money and can therefore consume content at their will, blitzing it in a few hours will never be my cup of tea. Hard work and effort has been put into the new zones and the quest lines, I plan on enjoying them, seeing the site and exploring around. I have two characters with the Explorer achievement, I’ll be going through the new Azeroth zones with at least one of those, Blizzard didn’t spend years on a patch for me to get through it in the same time as a weekend lie-in! I suppose it doesn’t matter what game it is though, there will always be people out there willing to spend their time sat in front of a PC trying to get as high as possible as fast as possible…

It’s a shame as you only get one life on this rock and there is a lot more to the world we live in than being the first person to ding 85!