Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm…

In a way that only the Internet can provide I offer you the most awesome insight into the life of hardcore Call of Duty fanatics yet. This link was posted on a forum I frequent and thought it so amusing I had to share.

The product itself is not all that amusing but scroll down to see what many Amazon customers also choose to throw into their shopping baskets;

Behold the insanity!


5 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm…”

  1. This did indeed make me laugh!

    Although when you really think about it, gives you a scary idea of how far some people will take these things. Did you see the WoW battle chest in there too?

  2. Very funny and at the same time very disturbing. Do some people not realise that there is a wonderful world out there called ‘reality’?

  3. Thats just too much LOL!

    What I would like to know though is, Why are you looking at them in the first place??? Care to share anything?!?

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