Blood Angels – 2nd Wave

In 40k news, following on from the release of the Dark Eldar we are looking forward to what 2011 will bring. The Sherriff’s most recent newsletter gave us a taste of what to expect. Since the foul Xenos have been given some extra strength anyone who knows anything will be aware that there is a Space Marine release on the horizon… after all a new army has some new special rules, better come up with something that can ignore the majority of them!

In part i jest, in part I do not. However, on the horizon for the start of next year are reinforcements for the current strawberry stylings of mankind’s finest flavour of the month Space Marine Chapter, the Blood Angels. After the wonderful aesthetic of the elegant Dark Eldar it’s time to reveal to the public what happens when someone takes an expensive Forgeworld kit beats most of it into pulp with a baseball bat and then stick some parts from a discarded Airfix kit to whats left. Of course I refer to the current pictures of the Storm Raven doing the rounds on the Internet. For those too lazy to look for themselves I’ve included the pic below;

This is Games Workshop’s ploy to capture any cash the kiddies might get from well-meaning family members over the festive period. Bet it’ll cost the GDP of a small African nation if you want one too…

While rumours are pointing to the Necrons being redone early next year I wouldn’t put money on the Sherriff not trundling out another flavour of zealous, 80’s shoulder-pad styled, inter-planetary, pimp hand, super men before we see another alien release… after all, in the far future of the 41st Millennium, elite Human Troops outnumber everyone else 10 to 1!