Dark Eldar – They Love Alice Cooper’s Signature Hit

Things may seem a little quiet here recently, what with the only post being Servitob’s pining for his now departed vehicular sweetheart over the past few days, however, I’d like to justify that silence by blaming it on my one year old Nephew! A weekend visit and within 24 hours four fully grown adults were laid low with a virulent disease that wouldn’t go amiss being ejaculated from one of Gribblin’s much-loved Tyranid phallus cannons.

I spent Sunday night lying perfectly still convincing my stomach that the rotation of the Earth was not enough movement for it to consider vomiting forth the Roast Beef dinner I’d consumed earlier. Needless to say Monday was spent considering what I wanted to leave my loved ones when I was finished off by whatever it was I’d contracted and Tuesday was spent in a much more chipper mood but still wondering if I’d need to make a run for the porcelain throne.

Now things are virtually back to normal and my chambers within the floating citadel have been fumigated to prevent re-infection. I’m still owed about and day and a half’s worth of sleep from somewhere.

Obviously that’s not what I want to post about though, however, your display of concern regarding my malady is appreciated Internets.

In the not too distant past I posted regarding the fact I felt the need to cast off the long-clasped shackles of the Sherriff, partially for my own sanity as well as for that of my collection. I have been dutifully selling off bits and pieces via on-line tat bazaar eBay and am happy to report that I have only lost 10 Lootas to the ether of the postage system and my Ork Warboss (painted) was man-handled by a silverback somewhere between the Post Office and its destination, arriving in more pieces than when the model was originally bought. My Space Wolves have all gone to a better home too. There is still a large amount of Orks to get rid of, 40 Boyz, assorted vehicles (2 Trukks, some Bikes a Battlewagon and a Stompa no less) with a few characters thrown in. Once these are re-homed I’ll have a massive reduction in my model real estate.

As one of our more astute commenters also noted “we’ll see how long this lasts” and it may turn out that never were truer words spoken. The gamer is a creature of habit, his hobby is not a normal one. He does not concern himself with mediocrity nor restraint, he is characterised by an unhealthy obsession with his charges, spending more than anyone rightly should on acquiring, assembling and leaving stuffed on a shelf, little men (and scantily clad girlies) in their hundreds if not thousands. Due to its market prevalence on the high street the entrance-way to this haven of miniature megalomania the Sherriff’s own Games Workshop is like breeding ground for the gaming nerds of tomorrow. It’s certainly how I was introduced into the hobby and I dread to think of the thousands of pounds I’ve pumped into those places as I’ve grown up (or not if you think playing with toy soldiers is childish).

This preoccupation with miniatures is something not easily understood by the non-gaming public and for me personally Games Workshop is like a metaphorical crack-pipe and, 40k especially, a lethal combination of home-cooked methamphetamine! I enjoy their games a lot, despite the well publicised flaws and other games being available. Games Workshop stuff is readily available and there are plenty of opponents you can find. This is tempered partly by the fact that I may be a little bit sad which would certainly explain the “woe is me, I need to sell all my loot, I have too much ARGGGHHHHH” philosophy that was prevalent before daylight savings kicked in. Another fact is that eBay is literally chock full of stuff for sale from Warhammer and 40k, it’s a buyers market and therefore not ideal conditions for making a lot of money out of your punters. I don’t just want to get rid of stuff without getting what I feel is fair return for things.

The final nail in the coffin is, of course, the arrival of the Dark Eldar. Others may not understand the fact that after waiting twelve long years for this incarnation of them I have waited long and hard in order to throw cash at a company not known for its customer relations. However, look at the fanbois waiting for their next sniff of Steve Jobs’ table scraps, they might only have to wait 12 months for the next “must-have” fashion accessory iDevice and the behaviour is almost the same, just without the social acceptance that comes from having an overpriced Apple device crammed into a sweaty pocket.

This is my hobby after all and therefore I should be able to enjoy it. Spending time with chums and gaming is a simple pleasure and with the arrival of the nipper on the horizon having something I can do to wind down and have some time to myself may become even more of a reprieve. We may not currently be playing a lot of 40k or Fantasy, but if I can store them all appropriately why not keep stuff around so I have the better options for what to play when people are willing? I certainly wouldn’t mind playing some more 40k, even if War of the Ring is a really good game, sometimes we’ll need a break and I’d like to keep my options open. Especially with eBay being so crammed, now may not be the time.

I still think what I was doing was right at the time I made the decision, unexpected bills have been coming in and therefore not wasting money buying a load of models has done us well. Crikey, with all these swinging moods you might think I had breasts or something…

4 thoughts on “Dark Eldar – They Love Alice Cooper’s Signature Hit”

  1. All I got from that post was “Breasts”?!?

    Off to the Dark side with you then… As soon as I read this I went off to study the latest Necrons *Twitch* Must be somthing new on the horison.


    1. Unfortunately “Latest” and Necrons is as about as funny as latest Dark Eldar was prior to their re-release. Whisperings are of something on the horizon next year though.

  2. Dark Eldar – They Love Alice Cooper’s Signature Hit.

    Schoooool’s Out For Summmmmer!!
    Schoooool’s Out For Everrrrrrrrr!

    These Dark Eldar can’t wait to go to band camp!

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