Honda Accord – The Greatest Car Ever?

So recently I’ve been all blubbing and stuff because Mrs Servitob made me sell my second Honda Accord Coupe. It was a sad moment as I rolled my golden beast into the parking lot of the purchaser. I took some goodbye photos and gave her a goodbye kiss before we were seperated forever. It was an emotional farewell after many tens of thousands of miles together, me pressing her buttons and listening to her contented purr, to the times I would really put my foot down and she would scream like a banshee and threaten to take me to the brink of death.

I have really loved my eight years of Accord ownership, having owned two EX Coupes. Both of them were pretty old when I bought them, but the thing with these cars is that they are immortal, they feel no pain and know not the meaning of failure. You can literally run these cars into the tarmac and they still don’t stop. I wouldn’t be surprised if the latest owners manual advises you that the only type of servicing you need is the occasional light vacuuming and changing the cds in the glove box.

That said, my years of ownership have not been completely without fault. My first Accord’s radiator disintegrated many miles from home, but I managed to get back and go to a garage a few days later to fit a new one. The feeling of dread, watching that temperature gauge creep into the red and beyond for several minutes was terrifying at the time, but the car made it back and it is a testament to the build quality that with a new radiator the car went fine for another year with no engine damage sustained.

So on the positive side Honda Accord Coupes are incredibly reliable. They also come very highly specced for the cost, with cruise control, leather seats, Bose sound systems, electric everything and alloy wheels as standard. They’re aren’t particularily slow either, with the incredible VTEC engines poking out decent horsepower through a very wide power band. Oh, and the trunk of these things is veritably cavernous.

On the downside – they only have two doors. Is this a downside? Not really. And they are expensive to run. No hold on, they really aren’t expensive to run. Yes they can drink the gas if you are a leadfoot, but you’ll rarely be faced with a repair bill. In fact, the only real downside I can think of is that they are front wheel drive. As any petrolhead will tell you, a true sportscar is rear wheel drive. In a front wheel drive car understeer means you’ll see the ditch before you end up in it. A rear wheel drive car will oversteer meaning you’ll be spared seeing the ditch at all and you’ll think you are an awesome driver until the very last moment.

There you have it, my time with Accords is over, for now. Would I get another? Yes, but not now. For the moment I have decided to invest in some rear wheel drive goodness for pulling massive donuts in the upcoming icy conditions, a pleasure that my Accords unfortunately could never give me. Sob 😥

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  1. Why am I only finding this out after reading about it on the Internet? /sadface
    We really need a proper catch-up as it’s been ages since we’ve all managed to have a get together! When are you picking up the Porsche then?

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