ZombiePirate – Oops, I Did it Again…

No, this picture is not me! But still, after a long while and many casual hours of play I have another level 80 character in the wargaming phenomenon World of Warcraft.

This time I have a Death Knight, therefore as they start at level 55 I haven’t had to level all the way from scratch, this is the third character I’ve reached max level with, all of them on the Alliance side. The last level was done entirely since the new patch dropped which vastly changed the Death Knight and how they play. At least in my opinion, no more spamming of Death Strike to keep me alive through Blood Presence as the uber self-healing has been stripped away. Not to mention patch 4.0.1 ripped apart the talent trees.

Anyway, it’s nice to take a break from painting to chill out and detractors were amazed I managed to get one character to 80 let alone now having three. My Argent Dawn account is still full of characters as I am very sad and quite enjoy the levelling process. When Cataclysm arrives in December things will change-up again with the new world. I still have to level a Horde to 80 and the XP changes seem to be making that a lot faster process again. I don’t think I’ll get there on another character before the expansion, not with my painting to be done too, but if I can clear Azeroth I can get bored with Hellfire Peninsula all over again and then plough through Northrend while getting my 80s through the new content if I do decide to pick up Cataclysm.