Dreams of an Undead Buccanneer

I don’t know about any of you, but I class myself as a creative person. When I was in my middle school years (8-12) I was probably a more sciencey person, when I got to high school that changed and prior to middle school I would again have said more creative. I’ve written stuff and created fantasy/sci-fi worlds since I could read and write. I don’t do enough of it now as there are other things clamouring for my time. My gaming hobby is certainly a creative outlet, these aren’t pre-painted models I have and I certainly spend enough time trying to make them look good and caring about their appearance. I enjoy reading when I get the chance and movies of various genres certainly do float my proverbial waterborne vehicle. Consider then, the potential products of what others have described to me as a fertile imagination. I certainly make links between things in ways that do not occur to most people and things that are obviously linked in some fashion need explanation to other people and even then they laugh at the tenuous nature of the link my brain found.

So, all of that really is just a pre-amble into something not at all related to this blog. Today, I want to tell you about one of my dreams. Dreams can be awesome, I can remember a couple of recurring ones from my youth and some pretty interesting ones I’ve had over my lifetime, however, Saturday night was a show-stopper. One of those dreams when waking up is a general pain in the ass because the quality of the dream was on another planet. I’d love to know what dream analysts would make of this stuff. To give a pretext to my sleep on Saturday I had spent the day gaming with my good chums, a veritable feast of War of the Ring was had. I got called into work for 20 minutes in the morning but other than that we did nothing other than play some Tolkien inspired games and take a break for lunch. Obviously dreams fade quickly once you wake up, I am amazed that I can remember as much as I can, but it really was a very vivid dream, trying to describe it is going to be hard as most of this is just remembered images in my head and conveying that through text can be tough.

My dream started with myself, Gribblin and nBreaker in a city, which city I have no idea as it was completely unfamiliar, I don’t even know what we were doing there together. This is where the description is going to get tricky so please, try to stay with me. All of a sudden things progress to nBreaker finding a “thread”. I’m going to have to jump ahead a bit here to explain the “thread”. “Threads” are lines of silver that run throughout the world at around waist height, not everyone can see them, however, once you start seeing them you cannot stop, it is a special skill given to Guides. nBreaker it turns out, is a Guide and, using a strange elliptical device attached to his belt can “connect” to a “thread” and follow it. This is of course what happens, nBreaker after coming across this “thread” connects to it and starts asking questions of me, this is the first time I have observed this behaviour of course. Gribblin it seems it also an old hat at following these things as it turns out he and nBreaker have done this before. I am asked if I have heard about “threads” and I declare I have heard veiled rumours of it and that there are people who can see them and connect to them to be led somewhere. That’s as much as I know and at this point in the dream my dreamself is actually quite scared. Gribblin and nBreaker then proceed to explain to me that these things are real and that nBreaker is a Guide and reveal about once someone starts seeing “threads” they cannot stop. We start to follow the “thread” with me being worried about whether this is something I should be getting into. nBreaker is happily following the “thread” through the little device on his waist and Gribblin explains somethings to me (I can’t remember all of it now) but I do remember him telling me that his first “vision” of “The Pit” scared the living faeces out of him. This is what continues to scare my dreamself, that something bad counters whatever goes on after following these “threads”, it also raises questions about what “The Pit” is, what it represents and just how many flashbacks/visions Gribblin has had about this place because of his association with this phenomena.

After this initial introduction things jump on a bit, at least according to my waking recollection of events. In the next “scene” as it were we are now underground, I am there still with Gribblin and nBreaker and there are others in our “team” but they don’t feature enough for me to consciously recall them, no where did Servitob or Carabus appear though. This underground location it turns out is almost like a game, beasts of similar design spawn and attack the team, it turns out that my role is to defeat these beasties to allow us to get through the place. I’d love to describe these beats but I don’t think the picture you’d end up with would be correct, but in the majority they were all black and very angular, with red flashes of light coming out of very thin strips on certain areas of their “skin”, I have to use quote marks because I am not sure of the origin of these things, whether they were real or projections, their were flashes of lightning darting occasionally over them. In order to defeat these things there are a number of things you can do, some people in our team used firearms, it turns out I was special (some beasts moved faster than others and I remember one guy trying to take out a fast one with a pistol and failing to hit anything). I was special because my role involved using certain voice commands which affected things, I was also ripping off Street Fighter moves to beat down on the beasties. Therefore I spent a good portion of my dream doing Hadoukens, Shoryukens, Tiger Uppercuts, Tiger Knees etc while other used firearms…

I don’t remember nBreaker following too many “threads” to get us into more places but I do remember the runs we made through places. I do remember him grabbing one “thread” to a place that is considered particularly difficult to complete (it is at this point I think that I can recall knowing other people are involved in this society outside of our team). It therefore seems sensible to assume from this that nBreaker had perhaps been to some of these places in the past or at least had an innate knowledge of some of the routes the “threads” led to. I do remember one part of this last area we were in, it was a large room with a load of black, solid fencing, crammed in between each rank of fencing were dormant beasts, these were a silver-gray colour with pulsating green innards that flexed through their skin. There was a constant stream of the previously described beasts spawning and attacking us as well as these new ones coming to life and attacking to. In a random twist I used an obviously saved up voice command “cancel remaining spawns for this area” which completed the event for us.

I think it was after this that our team (there are names for the various roles of people in the team, Gribblin had one, but I can’t remember what it was, nor if I even had a title outside of captaining the team with those voice commands, I was the only one that could use them) met others from what I remember as teams also engaged in this, literal, underground society. Every location we ended up in during the dream were barely lit but perfectly clean black areas of corridor and some rooms.

Meeting up with these other teams (can’t remember exact number of people) also came with it a scoreboard, I imagine it was to do with each team and the difficulty of the areas they were completing. Our team had rocketed up the board since I started doing things and this brought a lot of acclaim from other people present as I was doing things differently and apparently using the voice command as well as anybody could, despite being a newcomer to their society. The top of the leaderboard was the team captained by my sister, bizarre as I have a brother only. After this comes the last part I can remember, the accolades received from the other people as we were just hanging out underground at the end of the last zone became more hedonistic. My church beliefs always filter into my dreams no matter what is going on, however, in a dream state I seem unable to prevent myself doing things that otherwise would be impossible for me while awake. So, there isn’t really any detail to give of what happened other than it was a hedonistic time, I really don’t remember anything happening other than the ladies were quite friendly but nothing actually happened.

That was then the end of the dream. If you’ve stuck with things this far then I thank you for your patience. This was one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had and I don’t think that the description here can really do the thing justice as most of what I have described here is still stuck as mental pictures of the events as they unfolded. I woke up with pretty much this exact recollection of things with the thoughts I had just had one of the most amazing dreams of my entire life.


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