Great Moments In Music #214 – Ebeneezer Goode – The Shamen

The Year: 1992

Mr C: So we’ve got this new song we want to release. (snigger!)
Angus: Yeah it’s fabulous, it’s got great philosophers in it! (hee hee!)
Record Exec: This better not be about these rave parties you guys seem to love!
Angus: Oh no sir, this song even has salmon in it. (chortle!)
Mr C: It’s about this really awesome guy called Mr Goode who likes to go to birthday parties. (snicker!)
Record Exec: Phew. I was getting worried that you two were turning into a pair of drugged up dancers like every other young scallywag in this country.
Mr C: Absolutely not sir, this song even mentions Vera Lynn! (guffaw!)
Record Exec: The last thing we need is a number one song with drug references during drug awareness week!

2 weeks later:

Every school, workplace and home: E’s are good, e’s are good…!
Record Exec: /facepalm

2 thoughts on “Great Moments In Music #214 – Ebeneezer Goode – The Shamen”

  1. Ha! This is the first ever song I can remember hearing on the radio! Yes, good memorys indeed…. And a sense of how innocent I was not knowing what any of the lyrics ment back then too!

  2. Awesome

    Had to listen to that and all the others…

    Good memories. Shame my collection of Shamen CD’s including some rare mixes were stolen at a party, good party with a few un-invited turned up and by the end of the evening (8 something am) I went to go for breakfast and all my CD were missing. Gutted!

    Thanks for the blast from the past!


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