Good Reality TV? That’ll Be Pawn Stars On History

As we all know, reality TV is rubbish. Just one short look at the bottom of the pond life hairdressers on Big Brother confirms this fact. If we need further convincing then watching Eric the plumber from Dagenham barping out ‘Eternal Flame’ on X-Factor is enough. If we still need evidence then watching Z-List celebrities trying to resurrect their flagging careers of opening supermarkets and playing ugly sister number two in pantomimes by starring in some Celebrity Dancing on Rollerskates in Fog or some such guff should help.

You see, the problem with reality TV is that it really shouldn’t exist. You want to see people living in a jungle? Bear Grylls does a far better job than than the bozos on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Rick makes his best offer of the day

However my favourite TV of recent times has been Pawn Stars on History. It’s a reality TV show about a bunch of tough talking thugs who run a pawn shop in Las Vegas and their day-to-day business. One week they might be buying a cannon (which they will invaribaly have to test out), the next week they might be pawnbroking a truck. In the mean time they might be out to make a quick buck off an unsuspecting customer, or telling another that their prize family heirloom is a piece of junk. The characters in it (Rick, Big Hoss, Old Man and Chumlee) are likeable, straight talking, to the point and out to make money. It’s a bit like the venerable Antiques Roadshow on steroids.

The bottom line is, it’s very entertaining, enlightening and well worth watching. I give it 3 pawnbrokers balls out of 3!