The Sherriff Reveals – New Dark Eldar

There are few things that can make a grown-man cry. There are even fewer things than can reduce our local bubbling cauldron of masculinity that is Servitob! He’s waiting for me to finish my War of the Ring painting and so far has had to endure a Malifaux expansion and a new version of Warhammer as distractions from my goal.

However, the handy chap at the top left of this post may possibly break the proverbial camel’s back (not that I perceive any of my close, personal friends as land-based beasts of burden). You see, I have had a long affinity with Warhammer 40,000, it was the first boxed miniatures game I bought (2nd edition) and the Space Crusade I was playing with family for years beforehand was based in the same universe. This affinity has not really diminished over the years, I had the 3rd and 4th ed rulebooks even during the drought when I had no one to play against. At the start of 3rd edition a new army was created for the release (around the time that the Catholic church was formed, it seems that long), this army are the Dark Eldar!

These guys are the malignant kin of the regular Eldar who have been a staple of the 40k universe since its inception. They also have the dubious honour of the longest non-updated Codex out of any army and this is all about to change. I have been looking forward to this day for the past ten or so years, the original models have not aged well and the Dark Eldar have always been one of my favourite forces. Finally the Sherrif has heard the long-suffering cries of nerds every where and they are finally receiving a new book and new models this coming November. Expect to see a deluge of every model I can part with hitting eBay over the next few weeks! I need cash to buy every last drop of the new Dark Eldar when they launch.

The new models are nothing short of breathtaking, above is the new version of Lelith Hesperax, one of the special characters and is probably the finest female sculpt that GW have ever produced. The whole range that is currently doing the rounds on the Internet shows pretty much everything we will be getting come release day. Because I have waited so long for these models the excitement to have them is building already and that is why I expect Servitob to break down and cry, I am fickle enough without having the one army I have waited most of my adult life for to come hurtling through the webway as I am trying to finish my War of the Ring stuff.

I guess that just means that I will have to complete my War of the Ring painting during October then. Time to pull my finger out and get my Easterling cohorts done before the end of the week if I can manage it. Definitely no time for playing Mass Effect 2 or grinding some levels in WoW! There are evil men that need painting in order to make way for the next batch of stuff my wife will decry as rubbish.

Clearly she doesn’t understand, I mean, have you seen these models? They are amazing (in my opinion anyway) and will certainly be among ones that I look forward to getting. We haven’t played much 40k in recent months, in November I expect that to change, Gribblin, fire up those geno-vats, you need to spawn some alien nasties for me to have my wicked way with!

4 thoughts on “The Sherriff Reveals – New Dark Eldar”

  1. Gah! More unpainted models coming to a gaming table near me soon! War Of The Ring, get to the back of the queue… again!

    Seriously, I might insist that all unpainted models get minus one to every stat, and unassembled models get minus two!

    Otherwise I might put my manliness to good effect and get a real tough guy hobby like sweaty welding or something!

  2. Actually I can’t decide whether Dark Eldar are pointy eared emos or pointy eared goths. Great models though!

  3. ZombiePirateXXX

    Dont get pulled into and even darker side with these. Yes they are nice, but you need to get the WotR stuff painted first. I am sat here preping and painting right now.

    Don’t get pulled to the Darkerside!!!

    BTW I saw these on GW’s email and thought they had done a great job with them, I hope they are better in game than when I played them last.

    Now get back to painting!

  4. You go to Cornwall for a couple of days and miss out on all the fun! The bio-vats have been fired up and the gene-pools are spawning as we speak; a worthy foe will be ready. Just make sure that those Easterlings are painted.

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