Gaming Tumbleweed Moment

So for me all has been a little quiet on the gaming front. It seems that a bunch of events have conspired against me (not all of them bad) which has curtailed my jammy dice rolling.

A freak storm of ninja bears made a good game of Silent Death impossible, then a clown car traffic jam stopped me from getting my freak on in a game of Sengoku.

Fortunately however, we managed to get a decent game of Dungeons and Dragons a few weeks back, courtesy of ZombiePirate being the DM. He did a good job for a first attempt and put in a good bit of effort behind the scenes. Slaughtering half the party by the third round of combat in the first encounter in retrospect was an amusing move, but hey, these ‘learning opportunities’ are what make D&D memorable!

I also managed to get some games in with long time gaming veteran and all around good guy CaRaBuS, firstly teaching him how to play Full Thrust. It’s a good game once you get the hang of it. A simple tip we can all learn from – don’t get in the way of a Kra’vak K-Gun, M’Kay? I’ve also somehow got him into War Of The Ring, which is amazing considering I’ve never played it and only have a few miniatures and a rulebook. He seems keen to go for a Gondor themed army. Something to do with swans. I’ve never read the books but I suppose it’s an army that generally honks a lot, has the fly special rule, chases ducks, suffers no penalty crossing rivers, steals your picnic and breaks your arm on a roll of a six.

That’s all for now spambots, I’ll let you know the next time anything exciting (or not) happens in the world of 6InchMove!

7 thoughts on “Gaming Tumbleweed Moment”

  1. The D&D game sounded fun πŸ™‚

    Kra’vak K-Gun…. OMG they are incredible! I think we worked out that if you got the worst rolls possible (1s & 2s) I would take 20? points of damage and if you got 3+ it would have been 30 points of damage per turn my best at you was about 12-15 at best range yours was at every range. Then you have some strange shotgun weapon as well… Total slaughter!

    Don’t want to face again…Ever! πŸ™‚

    War of the Ring. Yeah you twisted my arm, but it didn’t take a lot of twisting. Been a huge fan of the books and films for many years. I only didnt go into the SBG as there were no opponents ats the local club. Most of the miniatures (Early stuff) were from some of my prefered sculpters ‘The Perry’s’ There stuff is awsome. So it was a done deal.

    I checked what the rest of the 6 Inch Move guy’s owned as not to double up and picked Gondor, which to be honest would have been my first choice, so that was perfect. Started shopping around on ebay for a small force and did the typical wargamer thing as 1 parcel turned into 5 and now 10 percels later (waiting on a few more) I must stop! Nah who am I kidding πŸ˜‰

    Painting under way, rules read and re-read, hope to get a game soon and would be great to play some of the 6 inch move guy’s a game…

    I wounder if there are medications for this collecting miniatures bug, hmmm.


      1. I’m lost lol…

        Is this somthing from Diablo??? I seem to remember a cube by that name?

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