The Bug Man, Working As Intended

Going a bit off topic today, but bear with me, dear spambots. Have you ever wondered who the greatest wildlife show presenter might be? No, me neither. But I suppose if you were to put together a list you might take into consideration such international superstars as Terry Nutkins, Bill Oddie or even David Bellamy. Oh, and the venerable Sir David Attenborough might make it in there somewhere too. Well here’s an extra suggestion you may not have considered: The entomologist Georges Brossard.

Lately I have been watching some of his shows about insects. A typical episode involves him dressed in his stereotypical bughunting khaki outfit running through a rainforest, waving his big net at anything with more than four legs. As a bonus he excitedly narrates his adventures in the most outrageous french accent. It’s compelling stuff! I’ve never known anyone make creepy crawlies seem so amazing. And for that, Georges Brossard, we salute you!

(Oh and feel free to go round Gribblin’s house if you want to make a show about the lesser spotted but fully painted cheese bugs from outer space!)