6 Inch Move – 1 Year Old

It may be a little late, but it is with great pleasure that we here at 6 Inch Move can celebrate the first birthday of our blog. 6InchMove went live to the world on August 4th 2009, trying to carve out a niche talking about various aspects of the wargaming hobby and putting some people’s noses up while doing it.

We crept along for a while in the hinterlands of the Internet’s backwater bijou before Servitob thrust us into the limelight with his opinion that he enjoyed Firestorm Armada more than Full Thrust. Almost 500 views and several links later we saw our traffic climb and it has done so ever since.

Currently we are getting well over 200 hits a day on average and are closing in on 17,000 total hits to the site, an achievement that I am very proud of. I just wish that more of our viewers would offer comments on the topics we post. I am glad that we get some traffic though, it is nice to think that people are enjoying what we do here and getting some use out of it. Let’s hope that in the next 12 months we can carry on with what we have started and share our thoughts about the hobby to even more of you.

Thanks to you all not least of whom are my fellow authors who are what makes this place what it is.


One thought on “6 Inch Move – 1 Year Old”

  1. Hey guys,

    Congrats on your 1st birthday! Even better, looking back though your posts it was only a couple of months ago you got to 10,000 hits, and soon enough you’ll be at 20,000!

    I’m not even a table top player to be honest, I just like to collect and paint 40k (at a speed that would make you seem as fast as servitob painting skaven, I assure you) but your views and musings do keep me entertained, and I guess more importantly, coming back for more. Keep up the grand work chaps.

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