Aquan Fleet – refit finished

Hi folks,  I finished painting my Aquan fleet earlier today so here are some pictures.  Again apologies for the picture quality, I’ve had to use my phone’s camara as my proper one has gone to silicon heaven to join all the calculators.

I know the picture quality isn’t great, but oh well.  What I’ve done with these ships is painted them a mid-silver colour, then covered them in a blue wash, then dry brushed the same silver over them.  This has given the ships a slight bluish hue to the hulls.  I them used a light metallic blue to draw a watery pattern on the upper hull.  I finished them off with metallic purple weapon ports and glowing green engine exhausts.

As for the firestorm game itself I really enjoy it.  I’ve only played a handful of games so far, but I like the simple game mechanics, the models look pretty good (despite the molding problems they had with earlier ones) and it’s generally just fun to play.

Oh and as for my Tyranids painting, expect an update really soon.