Skaven eXtreme Speed Painting

6InchMove brings you the latest in extreme speed painting, from sprue to finish in under thirty seconds!

We do this kind of stuff so you don’t have to. Remember kids, servitob is a trained speedfreak / moron, your mileage may vary.

Don’t try this at home! (unless they’re not your miniatures)

4 thoughts on “Skaven eXtreme Speed Painting”

  1. An undercoat would have made all the difference!

    10 Seconds extra…maybe 🙂

  2. Hmmmm. Let’s see.

    Brown perhaps or grey.

    If you really want to go to town you could spray a Matt finish taking the Skaven to the minuet mark, not a bad speed painting time. However it would get faster still if you sprayed 30 minis at a time 😉

    If I had a few of them we could do a speed painting experiment?

  3. Here’s the speedpainter’s dilemma. Once you undercoat you are then committed to painting the bases. End of eXtreme speedpainting 😦

    Personally, I would use a dark metallic colour such as chainmail to do the armour and weapons. The coverage here is good enough to not require an undercoat. Then do cloth in green as required before inking / quickshading. Keep the fur as unpainted plastic (as rats are grey).

    Why do this at all? Why just not paint properly? Well, that’s up to you. With skaven armies often numbering in the millions of troops I would say speed is of the essence!

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