Musical Tangents Are Tangental

So I’m going to go a bit off topic today for a change (stop sniggering at the back!). This probably won’t make much sense to any of you googlebots who read this blog but I value your opinions nontheless.

Several great things have come out of Essex, I am sure. Personally I can only think of two. Firstly, my old flatmate Dazz who spent two weeks with an undiagnosed broken neck and didn’t even cry once, and the electronic outfit that is The Prodigy.

To me The Prodigy are a bit like the stuff at back of a garage. It’s kind of always been there, and most of the time you forget about it. Then every once in a while you go rummaging and discover something awesome, like a chainsaw or pellet gun. You then spend a few hours pretending to be the guy out of Doom chasing the neighbourhood cats, before the stuff goes back until you next go rummaging. Likewise, this group has been creeping around the British music scene for nearly 20 years now. They don’t release much and are rarely in the public eye, but their back catalogue is phenomenal. Occasionally stumbling upon one of their tracks is an event in itself!

So in the last week I have been listening to their albums again. Personally I can’t decide which was best. I am torn between ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ and ‘The Fat Of The Land’. If you fancy helping me to make my mind up, please add your thoughts, or vote. Thanks folks!

One thought on “Musical Tangents Are Tangental”

  1. I think all of them are good! The best out of your two is most probably Fat of the Land but I think the best over all is Invaders Must Die, its a solid album with some great tracks and the remixes are awsome!

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