Made Of Win!

Hello folks! Well this is a wargaming blog and I was worried about the whole “He rolled a four and I rolled a two” stereotype imposed upon our noble hobby. Well, today my friends, I will indulge that stereotype!

Firestorm Armada…

Fire six Terran Torpedoes! Pew pew pew!

Take that, Sorylian scum! Time for the rerolls!

Eat crits galore! What’s this? Double six on the crit table? Sorylian battleship vanishes in a puff of jammy dice rolls…

2 thoughts on “Made Of Win!”

  1. You lucky so-and-so…!

    You are always jammie with you dice rollin’ Glad I wasn’t on the recieving end, may have spat out a dunny or sumin 😛

    Fortes fortuna adiuvat!

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