Warhammer 8th Edition – Warning, Here be Pirates

As Michael Jackson posthumously said “This is it!” however, I don’t think he was using it in the same context as I am. Whether or not the 80’s pop idol knew much about Warhammer is a Rule 34 debate somewhere, yet we are mere days away from when the general public can get their greedy little mitts on the latest ruleset for one of the most popular miniature games on the planet.

From reading various sites it is clear that some less than honest punters have already gotten hold of the rulebook due to torrents that are already available, some have even gone so far as to justify themselves by the fact they have already pre-ordered the rulebook and are awaiting the Deputies to drop off their tome. Personally I find this behaviour despicable. I know that the new book will be out soon but someone worked long and (maybe) hard on these rules and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. If you don’t feel inclined to part with £45 to pay off the Sherrif for that work then the wonderful thing about it is, you don’t HAVE to buy it…. shocking I know, but that doesn’t then give you the right to illegally download it either.

*Knock knock*

Who’s there?

*The Internet*


*But if you are a true ZombiePirate are you not the kind of brain-eating monstrosity that plys the international waters of the Intertubes for glory and plunder?*

Well, thanks for asking Internet. In short, no, all the software and music etc.. on my PC is 100% legal, while, as my moniker suggests, I do like a bit of sailing the information superhighway for booty I do not choose to get stuff illegally. I know many people who consider that if something is available for free then why pay for it? Well, I pose you this question, if you went to work and said they weren’t going to pay you, would you put up with it? If you do then you are the same as those people who produce items for consumption who do not profit from their efforts so why should they spend their time doing it? As our world turns because of money so people have to work to gain the money that allows them to survive, unless we can ascend to some kind of Star Trek like utopian society where everyone works for the betterment of the race as a whole then we are doomed to live as we do now.

Our societies thrive on the fact that each persons work and time has a value upon it which people are happy to pay for. Unfortunately many people decide that somehow this does not apply to them, I imagine that these people would be the ones who, in the Star Trek example above, would choose to lay about all day because someone else would pick up the slack.

Anyway, after getting a discount through my FLGS, I have pre-ordered the normal rulebook and am eagerly awaiting Thursday when they will be releasing the book to their pre-order customers. This is a little ahead of the Saturday date that the Sherrif is using to put stock on shelves in his own stores but this is an approved practice according to Nottingham. They’d just prefer you hold off until Saturday, I am quite happy we get it a few days early. While I am not expecting it to distract me from War of the Ring it’ll be nice to give it a read through.