Missing The Boat For Confrontation

So last night, I was at my local friendly gaming club when I was introduced to a new game called Confrontation. Well, OK, as always 6InchMove is well behind the curve when keeping up to date with modern developments, but to me anyway it was a new game. My previous knowledge of the game included the fact that it was Spanish. Well it turned out to be French, mes amis!

So I picked my faction, the Snakey Boys, and set off to play my friend whose army consisted of really big bipedal wolves. With axes. We were both new to the game, so the watchful eye of an umpire helped us out. Needless to say, it was a cold day on the battlefield and my legless wonders lounged around getting generally slaughtered by their hairier opponents. But that’s not the point!

I found Confrontation to be a really good skirmish game, easy to play but with many layers of complexity. In my view this is the sure sign of a good game. The underlying concepts of the game are simple, the mechanics easy to grasp. The tactics however start to get sneakily more complicated depending upon how things play out and whether you play to your sides’ strengths. The next tier of force selection adds another layer of complexity and customisation. But both of these higher level concepts are completely optional, as the game plays well as a straightforward skirmish should you be someone who likes to turn up and just throw dice.

The other thing I really liked about this game were the amazing miniatures. Seriously, some of the best, most imaginative I have ever seen on a tabletop. I generally dislike metal figures, but these were truly marvellous.

Unfortunately, it turned out we were playing Confrontation 3rd Edition, which is no longer supported. Apparently, the fabulous miniatures are no longer being manufactured. Instead, the most up to date edition is all about plastic prepainted figures. A good decision? I’ve never played it so I can’t comment. What I can say though is that Confrontation 3rd Edition is a spectacular piece of fun.

One thought on “Missing The Boat For Confrontation”

  1. I played Conf3 when it first came out, I still have the rulebook so I’ll dig it out and give you a look over it next time we meet up. It was a really good game, lots of depth and a whole butt load of customisation with what you took. It was a really good game and as you say the miniatures were amazing. One of my Christmas’ revolved around my family just having bought me stuff for this game as I used to play against my Dad.

    Changing to the pre-painted and changing the rules is not viewed as a good thing by the Confrontation community that used to exist. The game has literally dive-bombed since they released the Age of Ragnarok version of the game. While I understand that AT-43 sells reasonably well Confrontation has gone the way of the do-do, I know a lot of people (myself included) that sold off all the Conf stuff we had due to the disgust with how Rackham changed things.

    Confrontation was an awesome game but why they took it in the direction they did is something only Rackham themselves know and it hasn’t panned out well for them. They’ve been on the ropes for some time now.

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