War of The Ring – First Unit Finished – Isengard Warg Riders

These have been sitting around on Mrs Servitob’s kitchen table for the past week and I have been gradually adding bits of paint here and there to get them to a gaming standard. I don’t think they look too bad.

I am particularily happy with the basing in which I tried some new techniques and relatively rapid pace of painting, which is something I am becoming infamous for!

I don’t think the gloss varnish does much for the photo. I am also not too sure on the colour of the orc skin. Having never read LOTR, and only seen the films at the movies years ago I cannot be too sure. The Sherriff always lead me to believe orcs were green, but various people have informed me that orcs from The Midlands or Midworld were brown. But as always with my paintwork, it’s been a learning experience. Enjoy!

Isengard Warg Riders

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