Fantasy 8th Edition – Yes or No?

With the tabletop community alight with news and confirmations of the rules changes we will be seeing come 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy things are certainly interesting. In the furore over the new rules there is also the various editions of the rules that are available for purchase. I am sure this is going to make a very profitable summer for GW. The Sherrif is relying on his customers jumping at the opportunity to grab the new rules despite the fact that this new book is 28% more expensive than the old one! I doubt there are 28% more rules.

GW has always been this way, reliant on its customers to continue paying its often exorbitant prices to stay in the hobby and for the most part we do just that. Generally you tend to find that people in this hobby aren’t exactly hard up and anyone that has been doing this for a while probably already has the majority of the models they need and only buy the odd thing here and there to increase their collection. Yet with the constant development cycle new models are released every few years as well as a new edition of the rules to ensure that we continue to expand and update our armies.

I have already made mention that when 5th edition of 40k was going through the same this we see now with Fantasy 8th I was really excited, we got Servitob on board with it and I really do think we ended up with a good game at the end of it. However, with Fantasy I am not so sure, it may just be the timing of it after this year’s price hike and the subsequent increase in the price of the rulebook. I don’t see any of the competition being anywhere near that expensive. What originally got me into Warmachine was a sub-£30 box that contained enough minis to fight with and contained a version of the rules. The rulebook was then less than £20 to buy and had all the rules for all the factions, an approach I really like, although I understand with the number of armies for Fantasy that it isn’t viable for GW to do it that way.

My words are not going to discourage people from picking it up, nor are they meant to, we all have our disposable income and choose to spend it how we will. I don’t have any right to tell you to go buy something or not, I can only offer an opinion. My opinion right now is that I am decidedly on the fence regarding this release. It may be the best rule set ever made but I do worry about a game that needs a rulebook bigger than some of the financial folders I can see on the shelves at work.

So Internet, answer me this, are you going to be rushing out and getting the new rules, or is the constant pressure the friendly Sherrif is putting on your wallet finally getting too much? Sounds like the ideal time for a poll to me;