6 Inch Move Review – Ruins of Osgiliath Terrain Kit

Don’t worry Interwebs, we are still here, despite a very quiet week last week while I was availing myself of some time off work. Splitting my time between sojourns into the mind of Robert E. Howard via Age of Conan and getting some quality time in with various pieces of plastic that may one day end up looking like an army of Haradrim and Easterlings.

With Games Workshop releasing extras to their Tolkienesque line of models and the current furor we are feeling here at the 6 Inch Move floating citadel I thought I’d make a post regarding one of these new releases, pictured at the top of this post.

While it is a generally held belief that GW have really pulled their finger out with their model quality over the past few years (in the face of increasingly hard-fought competition) the one area where I really have to commend them is the new lines of terrain they have produced. When I first started in the early nineties the terrain was generally non-existant or rather poor, it was easy enough to get stuff from other companies, after all, GW’s bread and butter was metal and plastic models to sate our fantasies. Yet for the majority of us we would rather get our terrain made for us rather than having to slave over a hot glue-gun in order to make something ourselves. I am not saying that we are unwilling to experiment but as it takes me long enough to paint stuff anyway, making my own terrain, well, I might as well give up on ever playing a game again.

My current frenzy over War of the Ring is getting me back into a habit and drill of painting (I will get faster as I get back into more regular painting) but when it comes down to what we are going to fight over, I’d rather have stuff that I can plonk straight on the table right now. One of the greatest things about our hobby is that each game can tell a story and this works really well when you have themed terrain to fight over. Hence when the new Ruins of Osgiliath kit came out I dropped the £15 and picked up a box. I have to say that I am really impressed. Take a look at the sprue below;

The only thing you can’t really see here but stands out more in the picture that started the topic is that these ruins are chunky! They are not thin bits of nothing that will break at the first sign of action, there is some meat on the bones of these buildings and you can assemble them exactly as shown in the instructions or grab yourself a couple of kits and go to town on making your own crumbled buildings. They really do look like what you see on the screen from the films, I’m probably going to grab a couple more in the future to get more of a Lord of the Rings feeling to the battles we’ll be playing rather than just using my generic terrain collection.

This new kit does build on the foundation that GW is setting for solid releases in their terrain collection. I even find the prices of these things pretty reasonable and fair too, a very odd statement to be able to make when you consider the company that we are talking about. If you were looking at adding some themed terrain to your War of the Ring games, you could do a lot worse than grab some of these ruins, I would recommend them to anyone that asked.