Painting Figures – What’s your motivation?

I think we’ve already firmly established over the history of this blog that I am a slow painter, nBreaker bless his socks also seems to be well on his way there too. Considering he has been painting for a matter of months his stuff is really impressive already. All those years of computer games seems to have done wonders for his hand/eye co-ordination.

However, from a personal point of view the excessive amount of time I lavish upon my figures, aiming for a standard I probably do not have the skills to achieve can sometimes leave me a little dejected. Gribblin is probably my nemesis here, he can paint stuff very quickly and that actually looks really good. His armies look impressive on the tabletop and that is really what we are all trying to achieve. Servitob of course has his own unique style of painting but he is also getting stuff out there that looks really good considering the level of effort that is put in to it.

So I am wondering how people out there in the big wide world of the Internet go about keeping themselves motivated to paint their armies? Is it just a case of really connecting with the models you are painting? I really like a lot of the War of the Ring stuff that is on my painting table or on its way. Sure there are models I am looking forward to painting more than others but we are all subject to having to paint the rank and file parts of our forces before splashing out on the exciting characters, monsters, war machines etc…

What I am trying to do is that I’ll break up the painting, each infantry or cavalry formation will be interspersed with a character, I am probably going to use my command companies to be the characters due to the fact that the majority of my 1000pts War of the Ring force is infantry companies. It’s not like I am playing on taking all 9 Ringwraiths and can fit them in between the normal troops.