ZombiePirate’s War of the Ring Update

With Lord of the Rings fever sweeping through our blogging team I thought I’d spend some time giving an update as to where I am. I sat down last night and worked out my 1000pts army list for my Fallen Realms list, it has a good mix of infantry drawn from the different options I have. Starting with 1000pts is interesting, I can see why the game really likes 1500-2000pts games with how things are built but know we’re not going to suffer from starting small. Each company may only be between 15 and 40pts but when you start adding in the command options things quickly get pricey and fill up. I have 6 formations in my 1000pts army, all drawn from options in the Fallen Realms list, no allies and only one Rare Formation, everything else is common soldiery, hopefully giving me a base to build up from.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I had gotten a couple of boxes to start my collection, the Haradrim Raiders cavalry box and the Easterlings box. Despite some rather busy evenings of late last night I finished cleaning and prepping the Raiders. I have left the riders separate to the horses and have based the horses and movement trays with sand. These will all be undercoated together (hopefully tonight) ready for paint application over the weekend. They’re not looking too bad right now, but then there isn’t really much to show other than grey plastic models with sand glued to their bases. I have also started building the Easterlings, these guys really are very simple to make, the only separate parts are normally the heads and either a weapon arm or shield. I’m going to need more sand to make sure I can get them all based, after all, a model isn’t really finished until it is based properly and a decent looking base can really set a model off. While the Cavalry are drying it should provide me the assembly and cleaning time I need on the Infantry I have.

In order to finance this new drive I have had to cancel some of my High Elf Internet orders (including the awesome custom bases). I don’t want two projects of this size on my plate thank you very much, I need to keep momentum here. Servitob has issued a decree that he will not get this game until I have a fully painted army for it, hence why I am currently spending my free time building stuff and flogging crap to buy more men. I’m kind of thankful for the extra motivation to try to finally have something done. I’ll definitely be trying to keep the blog updated with some pictures as I go. Don’t want to reveal everything I am going to use, would like some secrets for the guys to come across when we actually play.

Gribblin also has his pledge in place not to buy anything else until he has his Tyranids all painted up. Luckily it’s his birthday soon and I imagine he may be getting some Elvish themed gifts this year.

I am hopefully going to have some pictures up for you all over the weekend. Finally getting an army list written also lets me know not only how much stuff I have to get and how much it’s going to cost, but also how much stuff I am going to have to paint. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge and due to the fact that all formations are of the same size when you buy companies (8 infantry or 2 cavalry) no one is going to be painting massively more than anyone else overall. Apart from maybe Servitob going with the Uruk-Hai, but then a can or brown primer and some drybrushed metal and I think he’ll call it job done.

As a rundown then, here is what things are looking like in terms of the forces we are going to be collecting;

ZombiePirate – Fallen Realms, Easterling and Haradrim focussed

Servitob – Isengard

Gribblin – Elves or Rohan

nBreaker – To be decided

Mrs Servitob – Watch this space…