War of The Ring – Initial Thoughts

So ZombiePirate has already alluded to this in his recent post *here*. He is normally on the lookout for new games systems, and I think this time he may be on to a winner.

From a personal perspective, I spent many years playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles fifth and sixth editions and enjoyed it greatly. However I eventually got frustrated by the fact that everything seemed to always be in the favour of Chaos. They had ridiculous numbers of troop choices (I know this is no longer the case), most of which were superior to the normal troops of the other races. Forgivingly however, they lacked any real ranged ability. That is until some bright spark decided that they should have Hellcannons.

Slowly, the old fashioned GW imbalances and codex creeps were setting in. I always felt the magic item and spell system was completely random and made up on the back of an envelope anyway. It seemed that most of the time items and spells were included with a complete disregard for their actual game impact and associated points cost. So eventually, my frustrations grew to the point whereby I really couldn’t be bothered to play WHFB anymore.

So now I have been introduced to War Of The Ring. It looks intriguing! It seems like what I always wanted WHFB to be. Magic is limited, expensive and doesn’t appear game breaking. All the army lists are included in the rulebook, eliminating the possibility of codex creep. The heroes are tough but not one man armies. The mechanics seem simple and intuitive. The number of models required is of a manageable size, and for some bizarre unknown reason GW are selling them at what seems to be a bargain price compared to what us regular GW shoppers are used to.

So there you have it. I am looking forward to trying this game in future. I have my rulebook ready. I just made this daft commitment not to dive in until ZombiePirate’s force is ready! Arrrrgggghhhh the suspense!

2 thoughts on “War of The Ring – Initial Thoughts”

  1. Welcome to the WotR fold! The system is fantastic and I love to play it. I think thie speed at which this game plays is my favorite part of it and the Magic system is what they need to move into 8th Edition Fantasy Battles!

  2. Thanks for the view, I am glad it is a positve one! Secretly I am quite excited about this game. I have ordered a box of Uruk-Hai for erm… paint testing and erm… they were in the sale. I have definitely not ordered them to build a force. Honest!

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