6 Inch Move – Moving to Middle Earth

There is something of a minor revolution currently sweeping the 6 Inch Move team. I posted a while back how in terms of gaming I am sucked in by nice universes, the lore surrounding the game can be as important as the game itself. If the story behind the game sucks then really I’m not even going to look at it. I am also a sucker for really nice looking models, having a dining table crammed full of little toy soldiers does nothing to smooth relations with my non-gaming wife.

This also causes some unseen friction between me and my gaming compatriots, after all I am the one that sees all these new games and then try to punt them over to my friends, gaming isn’t a solo hobby. However, we can’t all afford to waste our cash on hordes of different games, some of us may not even have the inclination to play them either and so I do not like getting all over a new game being released and then going to our group and saying “hey guys, check this out.” These days I try to hold myself back.

From the intro therefore you can probably guess what is afoot. There is one universe that is incredibly deep, has been around for a while and tends to be quite well-known to the majority of gamers. I am of course talking about Lord of the Rings. I didn’t get around to reading it until I was 18 and I could really do with going through it again at some point, I’ve also seen the movies countless times. In my gaming collection I have the original box set for Fellowship of the Ring. I didn’t have a gaming group at this point so it didn’t take off for me. The skirmish style of the game also didn’t appeal to me, despite my usual penchant for games not needing many models. What I enjoy about Lord of the Rings is the big battles, things like the Battle for Helm’s Deep and the Pelennor Fields are what I imagine and that was what I was really after, Warhammer meets Tolkien really.

In 2008 Games Workshop released War of the Ring, the battle game version of their Lord of the Rings license. I read about it in White Dwarf and for reasons above left it well alone. At this point we were playing Warhammer and 40k predominantly and I was happy with that, as were the rest of the group. I left it well alone.

I have seen the book on sale in many places and it has stared me in the face during my regular visits to Questing Knight Games. I have held out for around 2 years on not getting this book, on a whim I finally bought it last Friday. It’s no secret really that I’ve been struggling with Warhammer Fantasy, I enjoy the game but trying to find an army I like has been difficult, you’ve seen the lack of progress I have been making with my High Elves (Archers are starting to look better at the moment) but really, not been finding my muse here. There are other things I could be painting and probably should but want to get the High Elves done first as 8th Edition comes out in around two months time now.

I read through the book in parts on Friday night and some on Saturday and have since gone and punted this at our gaming group. I have to say that out of a lot of systems that I know of, this is one of the best, it’s a very simple an easy system to play through judging by the rules. There isn’t the pages upon pages of stuff that you find in the other GW productions either. Even Servitob is getting behind this one too.

I’ve already started my collection by picking up a box of Easterlings and a box of Haradrim Cavalry, I’ll be going with the Fallen Realms list from the Evil aligned armies and I am really looking forward to putting these guys together and sticking some paint on them. Servitob has said that he will play, but only once I have a painted force so there is my motivation. We’ll be starting with 1000pts and I think it might be nice to put our progress up here in a “Tale of Four Gamers” style as we each progress through building our forces and getting them on the tabletop. I have put the High Elves on hold as War of the Ring has grabbed me far better than 8th Edition Warhammer has.

Personally I am very excited about this venture, there are some really nice models out there and it is much cheaper than the normal GW fare. The fact that the incoming price rises will not affect the prices of the regiment boxes is also another bonus. I’ve even told my wife that I’d be happy to get rid of all my other games (except Malifaux, I love that game) to play War of the Ring, that’s how I feel about it. Expect to see many more posts on this subject appearing in the future. We’re off to Middle-Earth.

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