Rodents and Bombs – A Good Combo? (Gerbil Physics Xbox 360)

I regularily search through the games on Xbox 360 Live Marketplace to see if anything catches my relatively short attention span. In the marketplace, hidden in the corner under a pile of dusty carpets next to the fake beards and gourds is a section called ‘Indie Games’. Here you find games produced by the community available to download. Most of them are reasonably simple efforts, obviously programmed by a twelve year old called Dave inbetween teatime and maths homework. But occasionally I find a gem, and this is a good one.

Enter a set of games called ‘Gerbil Physics’. The story is straightforward and infinitely more believeable than an Australian soap opera. A bunch of gerbils in boxes have been stacked up, but they all want to live below a line. It’s your job, armed with bombs and ropes and lasers and stuff to blast them there. Don’t worry, no gerbils are harmed and they actually seem to get quite excited when they get below the line. It’s a bit of a demolition simulator. You need to work out where to put the bombs to knock over the stack of gerbils. Add in exploding fruit, flying penguins and Gerbil Physics and Gerbil Physics 2 become addictive little puzzle games.