6 Inch Move Store Review – Gifts for Geeks

Don’t you love it when the person that uses the toilet before you doesn’t flush? Neither do I, but such was what I recently beheld when visiting the gents here at work. Just thought I’d share that with you, sharing is caring after all.

It has been a while since you were all graced with a store review, for that you have my apologies, things have been busy recently and my blogging time has been the thing to suffer. Hence, another store review not on a Monday as “normal”, in other news the High Elves are getting closer to being painted, just the one unit mind, although I have assembled one more thing as well.

Today’s review may not be a place you’ve heard of, there are many out-of-the-way webstores that you can stumble across and this is one of mine. Gifts for Geeks is a store that actually offers quite a range of the most popular games, it’s not the size of Maelstrom but I’ve used them in the past and found them to be pretty good. What makes them stand out from the crowd are the discounts, you’re looking at 20% across the board on GW stuff and 10% on other ranges as a minimum. In keeping with our normal procedure, let’s delve into the good;

  • Great discounting
  • Website is pretty basic but you can find what you want
  • Reliable service
  • Stocks terrain and accessories as well as minis
  • Wide range of options for posting

Other than this there probably isn’t anything that makes them stand out from any other e-tailer however, the discount is likely why you’re there anyway. This is the problem with the Internet, making your business stand out among a field of other virtually identical businesses. Then we can move on to the bad;

  • P&P can get pricy with a large order and sometimes will wipe out your savings on the RRP of models
  • Takes a while for your stuff to arrive, don’t order from there if you’re in a hurry
  • Only really a stockist for the “main” gaming systems around today

Not much there really to counter the good stuff and this is probably where I find myself when I think about Gifts for Geeks, kind of in the middle ground, not a fantastic place but then there are much worse places. That being said I’ve never had a problem with anything from them so I certainly wouldn’t advise people not to purchase from them. Biggest beef for me is that (like Maelstrom really) it takes a while for stuff to be despatched, you can pick a next day courier but if things aren’t sent out for a week then the courier probably isn’t much good.

Might as well look at scoring then, same format as before, four elements and then a total to see where they rank.

  • Pricing – 9/10 – Really good discount, not the highest I’ve seen but enough to make them a potential for my cash
  • Store Itself – 7/10 – Really basic website, not flashy at all.
  • Customer Service – 8/10 – Not had any problems so far, although being slow to despatch is something of a personal bugbear.
  • Product Range – 6/10 – The part that probably lets the site down compared to others. If you want cheaper GW stuff this place is great, for other ranges, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

So, Gifts for Geeks gets a mighty 30 out of 40, our lowest score so far. Really though, even with our lowest score these guys are still worth a look, especially if you want GW stuff without the price tag.