Re: Games Workshop Price Hike – Again!

I’d love to see their justification for this this time around, because generally the spin they put on what is essentially their own doom (TM) is usually laughable. I think last time it was ‘…Erm, the cost of ink has gone up so we’re slapping an extra £2 on books…’

Now I say their own doom because essentially this is fast becoming a possibility. It saddens me greatly as a die hard GW fan, but price rises seem to be coming too frequently, and they are now in my humble opinion, reaching ludicrous proportions. Sure, it doesn’t price me out of buying GW stuff. But there is something within everyone’s shopping brain which assesses fairness and whether prices are reasonable, and I imagine many people are already past a threshold here. People who are in the know with non-GW games realised the extent of the cost differences between GW games and ‘old man pipe and slippers’ wargaming years ago. This is a shame, because GW on the whole make some excellent products. Unfortunately it takes two to play a game of 40k, and I don’t want the hassle of having to cross an ocean for a gaming session with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.