A Pledge

Just a quick post from me today.  I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently.  This has mainly been because of an increased work load from various teaching course, work etc.  But what I just wanted to say is this.  I Gribblin will be buying no more models for any gaming system until my entire Tyranid Army is painted.  I’ve made this promise to several people (including my long suffering girlfriend) and now that it is out on the net it’s official.  Now most of you are thinking so what?  Well I’ve had a Tyranid army since I first starting playing many, many years ago, but with the re-release earlier this year my collection has multiplied like the spawn of a Tervigon.  It’s now at an impressive 10,000 points, but only about half of that is fully painted.  Which is why I’ve made this pledge.  I will no doubt tell you all when I’m finished, and will also be posting some pictures of the work along with one of the whole force when it’s done.  Now where did I put my paint brush?