ZombiePirate’s Project High Elves

In a rare example of following through on saying that I will post pictures of where I am with Project High Elves, I stumbled home at 2300 hrs last night and grabbed my camera. After taking the models out of their case (I transported them around on Monday to try to get some time painting but bad light nixed that idea nicely.

For your viewing pleasure then, I have the honour of showing you some assembled and undercoated miniatures, bet you haven’t seen any of those before eh? First up, let’s go with the first of my core units;

As I say, this is the first unit for the army, I will be going through the method of painting a unit followed by a character/warmachine/monster to break things up. The Archers are going to be the test for my colour scheme and then I’ll work from there. I am aware that normally High Elves are white and painting white with a black undercoat is asking for trouble, but I am breaking with convention and not using white anyway. Also, from a personal point of view using a black undercoat helps immensely with shading and I really want to try to go to town on this army and make them look as good as I can manage. This is an interesting project for me to say the least and not just from the potential for Servitob to explode if I can field a fully painted army some day.

One thing to offer as advice though, as I use a two-coat method for making sure I have a proper basecoat before painting, when building a unit I make sure they rank up as I build them. Once they do I mark the bottom of each base using a Sharpie with where they sit in the formation. For instance, the left-most kneeling archer in the above pic has on his base a 1A. This means he is in the first rank and the first model in the rank, the model to his right is 1B and so forth, the second rank starts from 2A etc… This is just my personal system and it kind of failed when I was spraying the second basecoat to try to grab all the nooks that the first one misses, despite my best efforts I sprayed over the rankings. I may try carving it in with a knife instead and write it in later, a physical mark like that should survive spraying.

Hope to follow this up with some painting pics as I progress.