ZombiePirate’s High Elves – Coming to an 8th Edition Table Near You (maybe)

If anyone actually read my post on Warhammer 8th edition and my ideas behind choosing an army to take to battle you can probably guess by the picture gracing the start of this post that I have made my decision. My High Elf book arrived last week and I sat down and had a read through, after spending a lot of time in the Vampire Counts while waiting for Maelstrom to get around to motivating themselves to send me my order, I was less certain that the Elves would win.

I literally pored over the lists and created two Vampires lists and only the one Elf list. On the face of it I thought the Elf list looked more versatile and fun to play but the Vampires are generally stronger, especially with the ability to bring back troops. I looked over the model ranges and was still rather indecisive about the whole affair… maybe I should look at Beastmen?

Yet, that was not to be, I woke up on Friday morning (looking forward to Salute on Saturday, I wanted to have a decision made before attending as that would guide some of my cash disposal efforts) and had my epiphany. Something that morning just clicked for the Elves, it felt right and I have learned to go with those feelings over the years.

So, there we have it, I am hoping to post up some pictures periodically to show progress. I’ve bought a few bits and pieces to keep me going but have come to the realisation that with 8th Edition out in July I have a little over 2 months to assemble and paint this lot. Luckily Elves aren’t known as a huge army and I am looking forward to the challenge. Watch this space for more info!

2 thoughts on “ZombiePirate’s High Elves – Coming to an 8th Edition Table Near You (maybe)”

  1. One thing to consider before finalizing alist is how the 8th edition rules will effect your list.

    Especially how its built, core, special, characters etc.

    However something thats nice is that the new 8th edition will be HE and Skaven, so you will be in luck.

    As of now, I have already done a BT trade for HE stuff and have about 100 USD dollars invested into it even before 8th debuts.

    Ironically enough I have also played VC for 2 years now and am putting them to the side after Midwest Rampage here in 2 weeks.

    High Elves will be on the front burner!

    1. This was something I was considering as a part of my decision making process, hence why the VCs were winning for a while as they are less likely to encounter any problems, especially with the build I was looking at.

      If I have to change my list come 8th edition then sobeit but until then I can only work with the framework I have and I am going with that. I’d rather be building and painting stuff I want to rather than going with things that may/may not be more useful come a new ruleset.

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