40k Tyranid Tyrannofex

“What’s this?” you say “A second post from Gribblin in the same day?”  Yep it’s true.  After doing the Tervigon I have worked on some of the other new monsters in the Tyranid codex.  This time it’s the Tyrannofex.

I got my inspiration for the Tyrannofex from the graphic that was in the codex (well it seemed logical).  The model is mainly made up of pieces from two plastic kits; the Trygon and the Carnifex.  I also used some plasticard, green stuff and pieces from my bits box.

The main body is the Trygon’s.  The armoured shell around it is made of pieces of plasticard and green stuff stuck to the back of the Trygon torax.  The legs are from the Carnifex, as is the head.  The claws, gun and tail are a mix of things from the bits box.

“But what about the rest of the stuff in those plastic kits? There must be a lot left over.”  Well yes and no.  Some of it I used to make my Harpy, which will be the feature of another post.  I have made it, just not finished painting it yet.  I hope that this model has given some people out there some inspiration for when they come to making their own Tyrannofex.