40K Boardgame Meets Metaphysical Ninjas

I could have posted a lot more stuff yesterday than I did, however, in a rare case of good blogging sense I decided to hold back on some goodies so as not to overwhelm the soft-fleshy sensibilities of our readership.

Today’s post is about a product that has, like some kind of ninja assassin, snook up and then rammed a katana through my rib cage. Only less messy and not as violently. I get email newsletters from various establishments throughout the week and when I saw one particular thing I was amazed at what my eyes beheld. To try to give that same shock factor I’ll just paste the image below;

I know! Where the hell did that come from? I have not yet had the time to be able to go and check out the contents of the box, it does look pretty beefy and as the product page says the price is a little over ¬£70 I expect it to be chockfull or “something”. Maybe even some pieces of power armour because Servitob really does like to dress-up.

As I do most of my posting from work (shhhhh!) I can’t get to the Fantasy Flight games until lunchtime rolls around, so as I said, the contents are currently a mystery, but this is a game that is set around the time Horus got narked with his Dad and decided to get some payback….. teenage angst much? Although to be fair to Horus he was probably the most bad ass emo ever to have graced the human race. I’ll probably update this post once I know some more but even though it’s obviously an expensive release and IGUK are sold out through pre-orders alone this is something I’d like to take a serious look at. Space Hulk has sat on shelves recently as we’ve been playing Malifaux but that is a game we all enjoy and although this is no doubt different side games like this help to bulk out the universe and give us nerds something else to chuck cash at.