UK Games Expo – More News

More news forthcoming on the UK Games Expo held in Birmingham the first weekend in June. Any body that grew up during the 80’s and 90’s probably spent a good portion of their childhood reading the Fighting Fantasy novels. The authors of these esteemed series will be present at the Expo on Saturday 5th signing books etc… These are also two of the founding fathers of one of our favourite disposable income drains, Games Workshop. Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone wrote a score of books that I spent an age playing incorrectly. It was like a mini RPG just for yourself and I remember only one that I found really difficult to get to the end on, I might be more successful these days but I haven’t even seen these books in shops since I was a nipper, needless to say that was a while ago now.

This is quite exciting news and as I am planning on attending, hopefully with some more of the 6 Inch Move crew tagging along I’ll be trying to catch their exhibit and maybe have a small fan boy moment and buy a book and get it signed or something, future eBay fodder potentially. There are currently 60 exhibitors signed up for this thing which means that there will be stand catering to all kinds of gaming tastes.

So, support the community and pop along, a bunch of sweaty, bearded nerds in close confines in the middle of summer is always made of awesome!