The Funny Things About War Games

As you regular readers will be aware last Monday saw our little band of gamers visiting the hallowed halls of GW HQ in Nottingham.  Great fun was had by all and nBreaker played and won his first game of 40k (against me).  The game was great fun which for me means more than winning.  Don’t get me wrong I like to win games, but for me this is more of a bonus.  So long as the game was fun, win or lose I tend not to care.  Though I do get a little disheartened when things go horribly, horribly wrong.

This did get me thinking though about war games and how much fun they can be, especially when funny stuff happens.  Last Monday was no exception.  A number of funny things happened in my game with nBreaker.  against all the odds he managed to roll a double 2 for a morale test which he could only pass with a double.  Ok so that wasn’t that funny.  But I do enjoy it when the near impossible happens.  His Big Mek with a shock attack gun DIDN’T blow himself up!  Something ZombiePirate has never manged to achieve.  It also last three turns (that’s turns not rounds of close combat) with a Harpy!  Just slightly frustrating.  The funniest event of the game though has to be Hive Tyrant being killing in a drive-by-shooting.  It was down to its last wound when half a dozen Slugga Boyz jumped onto the war trukk, drove past it and managed to gun it down with their pistols.  Moment of the match.

I have many other fond memories of funny games, including many years ago watching an entire Bretonnian army running away before their first turn, all because of a Doom Wheel!  The Doom Wheel started on a hill, roll an 18 on 3D6 for movement, doubled the distance down the hill and straight into the Bretonnian general and Grail Knight unit, killing all but the general.  This caused units next to it to panic and my unfortunate friend failed EVERY panic test as each broken unit caused the one next to it to panic.  After a few minutes of nervous panic tests all that was left of his 2000pts Bretonnian army was a unit of peasant archers.

These are just some of the funny war gaming moments that I have been part of.  I’m sure that many of you have similar memories of war games, and feel free to share some of them with us, afterall we play these games because we have so much fun.