Yet More Power Armour

After having read the articles of both of my friends/gaming competitors/co-writers/. . . prey (do remember I’m a Tyranid player), I felt like adding my own opinion to GW’s latest works.  I have only glanced at the Blood Angels codex and so don’t feel like I can comment on the particulars.  But what does come to mind is this: ANOTHER SPACE MARINE CODEX?!

How come all of the other armies for 40k only get 1 codex and the Space Marines get several?  Yes I know that there are several thousand chapters, but do we really need a codex for each one of them?  The standard marine codex was a real fat one, so why not make it a little heavier and put options for making variants for different chapters?  I have also heard rumours that there will be another space marine codex released later this year, for a new chapter – that’ll be what . . . 6 space marine codices plus the Necrons (T4, 3+save) and the Chaos Space Marines (T4, 3+save) and the Witchhunter/Daemonhunters (again T4, 3+save).

Maybe this is just the rantings of a player who has never had a space marine army (yes really!).  I feel like I am one of a select few who have never succumbed to the power armoured saviours of mankind.  For me if it has a 3+ save it also needs T6 and at least 4 wounds.  The Tyranids have been my mainstay all these years, but I also use the Eldar and for a while the Tau.  Within our small band of merry gamers we have ZombiePirate with Orks, SPACE WOLVES and Chaos Daemons; Servitob with SPACE MARINES and CHAOS SPACE MARINES; nBreaker who has not yet got a 40k army, but is thinking of SPACE WOLVES and another friend who doesn’t write for this site but also uses SPACE MARINES.  Notice a theme here?  It makes my army choices real easy as I just pick everything that’s armed with a can opener, but it can get a little repetitive (I’m really sorry guys, but it can).

Within a recent White Dwarf there was an article that asked the question of new armies.  The answer was basically that ‘we would love to, but are too busy with the current armies.’  This I think is a bit of a shame.  They have tried new armies before – Necrons, Dark Eldar and Tau for example, but these often fall to the wayside in favour of the big five – Space Marines (which are 5 in themselves), Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, Orks and Tyranids.  I know there is a background story to work with, and that they need to keep to the overall theme of 40k, but it would be nice to see GW drift away from the Space Marines a bit – in fact anything that’s T4 with a 3+save.  There is still a lot of scope for expansion with armies such as Eldar from the Exodite worlds, Chaos cultists or Genestealer cults, and that’s without inventing something completely new.  Something that fights in a completely different way to the marines or marine wanna-bes would be a refreshing change.

I say this not because I’m bored of fighting walking tin cans (they do stay fresh on the shelf for those long voyages in deep space), but because the hobby needs to stay original and with 8 out of 15 armies having their main units with T4 and 3+ saves I don’t think this is happening.  GW seems to be making photocopies of armies rather than working on something truly original.  The last time something different came out was the Tau.  Now some people have taken to them, others laugh at them, but they’re something different to the rest of the 40k genre and I think this is good.  Ok their army still needs work, but they’re only on their 2nd codex, most other armies are on their 4th.

Well now I’ve got that off my chest, I don’t normally rant so much but meeh it was worth it.  And I do feel that GW could do a few more armies for 40k, but armies that are different to what they already have, and not just Space Marine copies.


2 thoughts on “Yet More Power Armour”

  1. What we need is an army of 6ft Amazons with no armour whatsoever… meh I’m falling prey to gamernerd stereotypes now!

    1. Just because you know I’d buy that mate!

      The Space Wolves were a whimsical buy for me, something different from my Orkses. If GW rumour control is correct we’ll be seeing Dark Eldar this year and all my current 40K stuff will be gone in favour of these guys/gals, especially if the models are done right.

      Perhaps the power armour predominance is why I am increasingly enjoying other company’s offerings… I’d much rather we get more Xenos releases than Xenos then Space Marines, Xenos then Space Marines that we get currently.

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