Space Marines: Blood Angels – The Codex That Breaks 40k?

I’m sure every player has heard of it, a phenomenon called ‘Codex Creep’. Whether it is actually true or not is a mystery, but it goes something like this: Every new codex is slightly better than the last. The cynics say it’s so Games Workshop can sell a load of new models. The moaners moan that it is soooo unfair that now their army is obsolete. The people who welcome the new codex are generally the ones who play the army in question, and insist that it’s perfectly balanced and fluffy. Codex: Blood Angels however has caused some controversy in that it is supposedly very overpowered and unbalanced.

I have heard some of the rumours, and even got a chance to look at the hallowed tome. And yes, it does seem a trifle ludicrous in places. I get the impression that the troops are the same cost as the standard marines but are slightly better. Same with vehicles, slightly better. So expect to see a lot of marine players suddenly turn red. Now I know that these statements may invoke some Blood Angel fanboyism. But fanboys, ask youselves – do you truly want a codex which is so overpowered that suddenly your lovely fluffy red marine obsession becomes a group activity? Do you want hordes of Blood Angels power players ruining your immersion? If it is truly as good as rumours would have us believe then potentially most Space Marine players (which seem to be most 40k players anyway) could suddenly be buying red spray paint.

Personally though, I put very little stock in rumours. Sure, some codexes are more powered than others. I’m not sure powered is the word though, maybe easier to play is more appropriate. Most tournament players pack plenty of AP3 so Dante and chums won’t be a great threat to the pro-players. Most weekend warriors such as myself simply lack the will to field a broken army. I don’t think our gaming circle would be as quite as friendly if things started getting cut-throat relying on imbalanced mechanics. A lot of people simply lack the skills and experience to properly use an overpowered army anyway, and the dice tend to level the playing field to an extent.

That said, my red spraypaint and book is on order, just out of curiousity obviously!

3 thoughts on “Space Marines: Blood Angels – The Codex That Breaks 40k?”

  1. I think what’s you’re experiencing is Codex Shock. Every codex has this effect on people. You start to overcome this when you sit down and make a list with the new book. “Wow! All these things are soooo cool…but they cost a lot of points.” Then you actually play with/against the army. “Blood Talon Furioso Dreads kill all infantry…aw crap, it got immobilized by a melta gun…”

  2. Codex Shock – Yeah I like that!

    I think the problem here is that every 40k player knows Space Marines pretty well, and therefore any minor imbalances are going to be blazingly obvious to the gaming community. As for whether it is actually imbalanced I do not yet know, but judging by a lot of internet rumour the current Codex: Space Marines is going to be made obsolete!

    It will be interesting to see how many red Space Marine armies turn up at the next tournament we go to!

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