Silence is Golden

It was the night before Christmas (LIES!!!!) and all through the blog, not a creature was stirring, not even a…..

As has no doubt been noticed, things are a little quiet around these parts at the moment. Hopefully the gaming day we have scheduled for our little band of chums this coming Saturday will provide some meat to throw to the Internet wolves. I have been quietly painting away and some of that fruit will be borne this Saturday.

It is also looking like the 6 Inch Move team will be trying to arrange a hajj to Warhammer World over the coming Easter break and should be down in London for Salute at the end of April. We’ll bring you our reports from these events as and when we attend them. I have to admit that I did have an idea for an awesome post last week, but then I forgot it…. That’s what happens when you are an undead buccaneer with a mind full of wenching!