Basecoats – Just Say No!

So following my recent painting exploration I hit upon an idea. Don’t know if it’s any good or not but here it is anyway…

Remember Space Crusade?

The thing with Space Crusade is that all of the models were made from coloured plastic. Wouldn’t it be good if you could buy your miniatures like this? For example, yellow space marines, green ork body parts, purple tyranids. Obviously the colours could be varied, for example you could buy black tyranids if you prefer. All you would have to do is assemble the model, add shading, highlights and detail and kerblamm, its on the tabletop!

Invariably this would appeal to those guys at Games Workshop because they could charge us more, but heck, I’d stump up the green if it meant I could get things to tabletop standard even faster than I already do!


7 thoughts on “Basecoats – Just Say No!”

  1. Just say no to that idea. You would still have to basecoat as the paint would not have anything to stick to and would flake off far too easy!

  2. Gobbo has the truth of it, it’s the same reason that car panels are primered before adding colour, bare metal (or plastic) just doesn’t like paint on it. The basecoat is there to allow the paint to adhere to the model better, otherwise as you were painting it would all come off if your fingers touched the model. Plus, a basecoat allows a much smoother paint job and a nicer flow.

    I used to paint without the basecoat and these days I couldn’t bring myself to do it, even if it does take me two coats to make sure I have a model sprayed right. Means your paintjob lasts longer than it otherwise would, well worth the investment of a little time.

  3. Haha grumhelden has the right idea! Prepainted is the way to go… Lemme speak to my man in China!

    Seriously though, I accept that flakage is a major bone with metals, but varnished plastics do not have anywhere near the same problem.

    This is not really aimed at good painters or Golden Demon, but the number of club and tournament games I have witnessed over the years where paint jobs are either absent or shocking is disheartening. It makes the hobby look crap, frankly!

    Now imagine if all those 13 year olds / lazy / bad painters got hold of a space marine force of blue marines with green bases and black guns (because all 13 year olds want to play smurfs), and played with plastic brown and green trees my fickle vanities would be much satisfied!

  4. I understand what your saying servitob! We have them in our FLGS as well. Guess what? Making them easier to paint will not get those who don’t want to paiont to do it. There are hundreds of methods to make it easier. Heck, Army Painter even has base colored primers. Then you just get a diffrent color than grey, white or black. You just get people with an all blue ot red army.

    I teach “beginner” painting classes locally and I bring in my paints and some of my old brushes and we just go over primering, base coats, dry brushing, metalics and washes. Since I started this, the number of painted armies at our FLGS has increased more and more. Sometimes people just need to be shown it can be fun and easy to get thier army looking table quality.

    Then when they see thier tournament standings move up because they are not loosing as many points to painting, they redouble thier efforts and start asking about more advanced techniques.

    It works better than Game Magazine articles as some one is showing them.


  5. Servitob….Smurfs for the emperor is going to haunt my dreams for a while now…AT-43 toy tanks being ridden by DeathSmurfs….hordes of starwars mini’s, warcraft prepaints and MutantChronicles overstock laying waste to a paint table and laughing maniacally at all the spilled ink….

  6. You should see the grief he gives me for not having painted stuff! Luckily I am finding my muse at the moment when it comes to painting. I actually have a finished model now!

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