Space Marines: Painting Imperial Fists Is Hard Work

So this weekend I thought I would branch out a bit and explore, and decided to paint my very own Imperial Fist. My advice to anyone who wants to travel this path is… Don’t! Seriously, yellow is one of the hardest colours to get right. Here is the fruit of my labours (painted whilst watching a really dull England v Scotland rugby match):

Armour Colour:

1) Undercoat Chaos Black
2) Basecoat Foundation Iyanden Darksun
3) Another Basecoat Iyanden Darksun
4) Wash Gryphonne Sepia
5) Heavy Drybrush / Highlight Sunburst Yellow
6) Gloss Varnish

And I still don’t think it goes beyond a muddy looking gaming standard. All in all, pretty hard work for not much satisfaction. I think if I were to do this again I would simply get some gloss yellow spraypaint to use as an undercoat / basecoat and work up from there.

On a positive note, I did use some decalfix (decal solvent) to stick the decals on with. Games Workshop produce some nice flat decals to fit a nice curvy shoulderpad and I’ve always had trouble getting them to fit. Decalfix basically melts the decal into the pad giving a much better fit. I think in future I will be using a lot more decals to add details.

5 thoughts on “Space Marines: Painting Imperial Fists Is Hard Work”

  1. If your going to do a yellow figure like this DO NOT start with black primer. White primer is the only real option here! It makes a huge diffrence.

    1. I’ll concur here, yellow really needs a nice white undercoat to allow the colour to shine. Yellow paint has so little pigment in it you want a bright base to work off. Also, you might want to try Tau Sept Ochre as the base colour as this will also help to provide shading once you work up to the Iyanden Darksun/Sunburst yellow.

      It’s an evil colour to paint as a primary colour for something, I’ve never had a fun experience with yellow.

  2. I use a white primer to start out, but I have also found that flat Tamiya spray paint works well as a basecoat over the primer and then use the Tamiya bottled colours over that.

    For some reason, the Tamiya paints seem to have much better pigmentation than anything else that I have found.


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