Today I have ordered some varnish. This is a new thing for me, during my youth I never varnished my models at all, now I’m a little older however, I don’t want to be repainting stuff over and over. Therefore I have ordered two tins of Vallejo’s model varnish, one satin and one matte. They come in 400ml tins and I’ll be reviewing them as a part of my using them to seal models for the tabletop.

So, this will be a new experience, having finished a model to the state where I want to use it on the tabletop and protect it as well as using a new and unfamiliar product. The Ice Golem had the first stage of his base done yesterday, it should be dry when I get home tonight so I want to add the second stage and then paint the base. At that point he’ll be ready for varnishing and for unleashing upon the wide world. I’ve also made a start on one of the Gamin as well as the first two stages of the skin on Rasputina, she has awkwardly posed arms which is a problem trying to get to areas of her face for painting but I’ll do my best. I’m going to try to get a fully painted Crew ready for our game on the 27th, it would be amazing to play with everything painted for a change.

One thought on “Varnish”

  1. I have been hunting for the right finish for my warhammer figures for some time now and I have found that Tamiya’s spray flat finish works the best for me.

    What I wanted, more than anything else, was a completely dull finish that would show off the paint work rather than hidind it beneath glare.

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