Are you sitting comfortably?

Servitob will need to read this in the presence of another human being, he made some kind of medical assistance when he’s done.

Last night I put the final highlight coat onto my Ice Golem, I am not sure the process will work with the 3 Gamin but the Golem is looking pretty good. I managed to paint the guy over 4 nights (Servitob would have done him in one go but once a drybrushing brush is wet from washing a colour out if you use it again no matter how much you dry it you don’t get the same effect until it is dryed properly) and took me around 40 minutes to do. I need to paint his eyes and the base needs doing. Once that is done I’ll be posting a picture, hopefully this can be done over the weekend. So, there we have it, a potential for my first properly completed model of this decade (yes, and the last….)

One thought on “Are you sitting comfortably?”

  1. GRATS!!!!! – Can’t wait to meet the little fella!

    I’ll tell you a little secret – I own 4 drybrushing brushes 😉

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