The Tervigon

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now.  The new Tyranid stuff has been out for a while now (yes I know I seem to have very little else in my synapses) with a range of new units.  Now the more observant amongst you will have noticed that GW has done their old trick of not producing the models for many of these, leaving us gamers to come up with our own ideas.  The Tervigon is the first of the new units-without-models that I’ve made up (I’ve also done the Tyrannofex, Harpy, Doom of Malan’tai and Parasite of Mortrax).  I haven’t finished painting it yet, but it is base coated.

And here it is.  To make it I used parts from a Carnifex, my bits box, some paper and a hell of a lot of green stuff.  I used the main thorax for the Carnifex, but widened it slightly by putting a back piece on its chest and filling the gaps with green stuff.  The arms are obviously Carnifex claws.  I made the head by slicing off the top of a Carnifex’s head and replacing it with a Trygon prime head piece, and then fixed the Trygon prime mandibles onto the sides of the cheeks.

The egg sack/abdomen is made by shoving two scrunched up pieces of A4 paper up the rear end of the  model and then covering it in green stuff.  If I was to make this model again I think I’d make a more solid frame work instead.  The paper worked well and has produced a fantastic uneven effect on the model, but when drying the sack started to sag and I had to prop it up with a spare flight stand until it was dry.  But these are the things you learn when you’re experimenting.

I glued the head to the top of the thorax.  This gave a large opening at the front of the model that I was then able to use as the exit for the termagants that would be emerging (yes I know I used a hormagaunt as the model clawing its way out, but I prefered the image of the claws trying to rip their way out rather than a fleshborer – artistic licence)

The spikes of the egg sack are spare hormagaunt claws stuck into the green stuff and the tail is from the Trygon kit, whilst the front scything talons (emerging from behind the head) are from the Tyranid Warrior kit – though I did think about using the crushing claws.  And that is it.  Hope this provides some people with some ideas.