Albums I Have Loved: ‘Fire’ by Electric Six

It is a definite sign that you are getting older when stuff you think of as modern is actually pretty old. And so it is with ‘Fire’ by Electric Six.

As a gamer you are unlikely to ever be regarded as ‘cool’ in your musical tastes, which is fortunate because you don’t have to waste your time listening to pretentious crappy underground cutting-edge ‘cool’ music. You know the type of stuff I mean: ‘Yeah this band are really awesome’ followed by the musical equivalent of someone grating a polar bear. Electric Six are fortunately decidedly uncool and unpretentious in this regard.

I bought this album when it first came out, not because I ‘d ever heard of the band but I was on a long road trip and needed something to listen to. I had heard a slice of a single off the album so I wasn’t going in completely blind. Luckily I struck musical gold and it made my trip a lot more entertaining, and it is still an album I listen to occasionally now, many years later.

Fire seems to be more about a bunch of people rocking out and generally having a bit of a laugh rather than trying to make some kind of musical statement. You’ve no doubt at least heard of a few tracks: ‘Danger! High Voltage’ (is that Jack White singing? It’s a mystery!), and ‘Gay Bar’ (trust me, you won’t easily forget the video to this one!). The album is pretty much stuffed with tracks of this type. Groundbreaking? No. Funky? Yes. Fun? Definitely!