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First of all I probably need to issue an apology. Since things went nuclear last weekend and the blog brought in a vast amount of traffic that our humble corner of the Internet is not normally privy to I have been sitting back and taking stock of what has unfolded. I have therefore been sat pontificating regarding exactly what I should post as a follow up. After all, I do hope that many of the people that found their way here for Servitob’s irreverent look at both games may choose to stick around and follow our observations of the gaming world as we go through life enjoying the hobby we have grown up with.

Now, let’s clear one thing up, Servitob’s post was not meant as a review of either game, we can all agree that such a short post is in no way comprehensive enough to adequately review one game let alone them both. It was more a comparison of how Servitob feels about both games and he does have experience of both. What I personally saw in those posts is both the best and worst of how the Internet operates. On the one hand we have the fact that Internet anonymity allows people to unite in a common cause. You don’t know if the chap at the other end of the DSL line is of the same race/creed or colour as you and yet, because those things aren’t visible the initial prejudice we sometimes feel towards those who are different is reduced to nothing in most areas. I am not dumb enough to make a sweeping generalisation that this is the case in all corners of the web, but from personal experience this is how I see things.
On the flip side to that we have the fact those seemingly innocuous comments can spark off emotions in people that see something they love is under attack. People jump to the defence of whatever it is they perceive to be in danger, even when it isn’t. Things are taken out of context due to the lack of emotion that can be present in the black and white of printed text.
I think it’s awesome that our hobby can engender in its participants this feeling of belonging, we have the communities based around our favourite games and we feel a part of those, such that when something we enjoy is seen to be berated by another a host of people jump up with torches and pitchforks to slay the metaphorical ogre. The problem here may be that just as the commenters are hidden behind the veil of Internet monikers and the associated anonymity that brings, so is Servitob. Apart from the other authors on this site you don’t know him, you are unaware of his history, his sense of humour or personality, I ascribe this as one of the reasons people felt the need to verbally (or literally) beat on him when he expressed his opinion. I reckon if you knew the man behind the Gravatar then we may have seen some different responses.

Do I have any hard feelings towards our new visitors from the Full Thrust community? No I don’t, I value their input and opinions as much as anyone else’s, they are entitled to them after all. However, I would hope that through such an amazing medium as the Internet we’d all be able to forego the usual human reaction of attacking things that don’t agree with our own standpoint and instead offering a well thought out and reasonable debate. History is littered with examples of humanity at its worst where differences of perception have led to the deaths of entire civilisations. Although these kinds of actions are what we sometimes re-enact for our pleasure (kind of perverse huh?) I don’t think any one of us would condone such actions. Who are we to judge one person of more worth than another, or one way of life of more worth?

Ask yourself if we are truly a more enlightened and worthy culture with our 9-5 office hours and KFC buckets than someone who lives in a hut with his family and farms the land to provide sustenance for those same people? Who has the more fast paced and stressful life?

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  1. Hey man I’m rubbish at sustenance farming… I could never fit a whole tractor in my hut!

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